The USB Cord Extender


One of the finest inventions that were created these years is the USB cord extender. This particular device, even if it is simple looking, accords numerous users to a great level of convenience in performing their computing activities. It does this by means of putting more length of the cable that permits the devices or users to be in the place that is several feet away from the mother or main unit.

Majority of the peripheral computing devices that are sold in your local stores these days only have short USB cord extenders. This would limit your capability to arrange these devices in the proper way it will not appear to be cluttered. While this is a fact that you could always purchase the wireless devices for utilization in your office or house, majority of them would still cost you a lot of money. Others are widely known for their user compatibility problems with several systems. This is the main reason why it is a lot safer to utilize devices that have USBGear USB technologies in order to minimize the risk for having system incompatibility.

Similar to any other technological advances, the USB cord extenders have already gone through several changes which have made it very functional in terms of delivering data more efficiently and faster. The initial USB standard to become famous in the web is the 1.1 version, which was then superseded by the version 2. While these devices just look almost the same, they vary in a lot of ways especially in regards to the efficiency in delivering data. Should you wish to learn more about technology, go to

The USB cord extenders also have various kinds of plug ends which are known as the connectors. These consist of the Standards A & B, the Micro A &B, the Mini B, and the Micro AB. They are available in matching receptacles which are made into numerous devices like digital cameras, computers, printers, and a lot more. The Standard A’s are widely known as the computers’ USB ports; whereas the Standard B’s are the devices that are for the printers. The smaller devices such as the digital cameras utilize the Micro and Mini USB cord extenders.

The finest aspect about the USB cord extender is they’re not proprietary. This signifies that as long as the USB receptacle of the device has its trident logo, you could surely utilize a matching kind of USB cord extender. Put in your mind, that there are several devices that consist of USB-type receptacles, but don’t display its trident logo. These kinds of receptacles aren’t compliant with the USB standards and may not operate with the compliant USB cord extender.

The USB cord extenders typically have a length of about 45 feet, the USB version 2.0 and it earlier versions have limits to its length by up to 16 feet only. See page here!


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